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Centennial Centre at Hobart is located along the State Highway 29/32 corridor and serves as the western gateway of the Green Bay metropolitan area. Over 23,000 vehicles travel this route each day.Click here for the Centennial Centre at Hobart official brochure!

The mix of residential options (single family with varying lot sizes, townhomes, and leased residences), jobs, commerce, the lush natural greenery, and multi-modal pedestrian pathways create great inter-connective living. A variety of opportunities exist for furher residential development, neighborhood-based retail stores, professional offices, service related businesses, and light manufacturing in this masterplanned development. Now is the time to build in Hobart!

In 2015, the U. S. Census Bureau and State reports confirmed the Village of Hobart:Click here to view in-depth economic data on the 5-minute area immediate to Centennial Centre